We understand that every student brings unique experiences, strengths, and challenges. For that reason, we are committed to ensuring each student’s experience is highly personalized and tailored to their interests and needs. We will ensure personalization in the following ways:

Building Purpose. we will allow students to exercise increasing autonomy over their work. First, we will create a purpose-mastery-autonomy framework for each student. We will commit to developing purpose for everything our students do. It is not good enough for students to do work just for work’s sake; like adults, they must understand the purpose of their work to reach their potential.

Driving Towards Mastery. Once we have developed purpose, we will push students to mastery. We will use specific periods during the day – known as Wolf Packs – to provide students the practice they need to get better at the tasks they learn in class each day. Paying close attention to the amount of time students get to practice allows us to drive each student toward mastery.

Providing Autonomy. Once we have helped students see the purpose behind their learning, and once we have helped them master new material, it’s time for the student to take responsibility for the learning. We gradually release responsibility to students to make decisions about their own learning path, pace, time, and place, with the understanding that providing students these autonomies allows them to grow into thoughtful learners and self-advocates.